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Super Sunday

5 Feb

1. First things. I must tell you about the Otesha cycle tours coming up this summer, partly because I am under orders, but mostly because they are one of the funnest adventures you will ever have.

If you like cycling, being green (figuratively, not literally), and the chance to be free and silly then hop on your bike and join us! I cycled 700 miles around the hilly South West for 6 weeks in 2008 and have been on bits of many of our tours since. They are crazy crazy, but you make friends for life and you’ll never forget it.

2. Second things. SNOW. Obviously. Tottenham never looked so pretty.

3. I saw this poster on the wall behind the bar of The Lexington at a friend’s birthday last night, and I managed to persuade the barman to sell it to me for two pounds!! Is it not the best thing YOU HAVE EVER SEEN? Winona forever *crosses heart*.

4. Saw the film Bombay Beach at the ICA on Friday night, which was fantastic. It’s a documentary about one of the poorest communities in Southern California, with a soundtrack by Beirut and Bob Dylan. The result makes you feel like you woke up in some suburban American teenager’s dystopian dream.

5. Spent Wednesday evening driving round East London in a van with my old friend Jonny, moving sofas and eating vietnamese food while listening to 90s r&b. Was so fun, just like old times.

6. This is lahvely. Learning it on the ukelele. (I might have also taught myself how to drum with a margarine tub. OH YES.)

7. Badass! Can I be this when I grow up?

hanna ♥


That is all.


DIY Scalloped hem skirt tutorial (for lazy people)

31 Jan

Well hi there. I have never done a tutorial-type thing before, but I was doing this anyway, so thought some photos and tips might be useful for any other gals (or guys) out there who are also partial to a scalloped hem (who isn’t?).

This is definitely for lazy people. If you want to actually HEM your hem, there are tons of instructions out there to help you do that. Also, if you want to know how to make your scallops even, or measure it out or what-have-you – I can’t help you. I didn’t get out a measuring tape. But if you’re a lazy seamtress and still on board, let’s go!

1. Get a skirt. Preferably an old one. I picked this up at the Rokit vintage store on Brick Lane for two pounds! TWO POUNDS!

2. Get something round. The size of it will determine how big your scallops are, so have a little ponder about that. Turn your skirt inside out, and draw around your round thing (I used the top of a tin) with a pencil. Or, if you’re being fancy (and correct), keep your skirt the right way round and use tailor’s chalk. See if I care…

You can make your circles overlap as much as you want, depending on how deep you want the gaps to be between your scallops. I didn’t measure anything, I just guessed, which to be honest was a risky game, because I had no idea if I was going to end up with half a scallop by the time I’d got round drawing the whole skirt. Luckily, I didn’t! So… yeah, you could measure, or you could live life on the edge like me and just hope for the best.

3. Okay! Now get your machine and set it to a tight zig zag stitch. My machine had length set to 0, and width to 5, because we want the stitches really close. I also made my top thread and bobbin thread the same colour to keep it neat, and also because I was stitching on the wrong side of the skirt remember…

Matching the thread to the material will also do you many favours in masking any less-than-perfect stitching you do. Stitch along all your pencil / chalk lines, all the way round your skirt.

4. We’re almost done! Take some fabric scissors and snip all the way round your skirt, close to the stitching, but not so close you cut a thread. Because then the whole bloody thing will unravel.

5. Wear it! Feel smug that you made a pretty thing with minimal effort.

You can also feel happy.

Or pretend you’re Kim Kardashian.

I leave that up to you.

hanna ♥

Advanced Style

31 May

“Young women, you’re going to be an old woman some day. Don’t worry about it. Don’t sweat it. Don’t worry about getting older. Every era, it builds character.”

Incredible video. Love.

hanna ♥

Of Another Fashion

24 Mar

Of Another Fashion is an amazing blog I came across a few weeks ago that documents the “not-quite-hidden but too often ignored fashion histories of U.S. women of color”. You can see some beautiful, beautiful pictures on the site, as well as fascinating glimpses of social history. I could stare at it all day long. (I do).

hanna ♥

4 Simple Goals – mega updates no. 3 & 4

9 Dec

Oh-kaay. Here are my last updates on the progress of my 4 Simple Goals! I have already updated on the lipstick-wearing and crafting, and my other two goals were to learn how to use my camera and to make a nice nest for myself in Brighton. So I thought I’d combine the two for this post and take some photos of my flat! I also used the photo editing tool for Mac here – ToyCamera AnalogColor. I hope you like the pics, I’ve tried to make it look homely and cute, and I’m pretty pleased with it!

This was the view from my bedroom window last week – amazing, huh?

hanna ♥

Downtown from behind

12 Nov

LOVE love love this NY photography project, Downtownfrombehind, which captures people riding their bike on every street, avenue and lane below 14th. From behind, like it says. The folks at DFB are into design, sustainability and nice bums from the looks of things. WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE?

Super Sunday

7 Nov

1. Love these pictures from the Ballerina Project – sooo pretty. It just makes me wish ballet wasn’t confined to the theatres and could come out on to the streets like hip hop.

2. And speaking of dance, I started street dance lessons this week (and breakdancing next week! oh god..) which are hosted at Brighton Youth Centre. The centre is covered in amazing graffitti, like this one. I had an idea a while back to make bags and tshirts that said “How to be a domestic extremist” and I think this image would be perfect for such a venture! I shall have to try and get in touch with them.

3. Saw the Kids Are Alright on Tuesday – so good. Julianne Moore is such a dreamy actress and Mark Ruffalo is just dreamy.

4. Loved looking at the 100 best signs at the Rally to Restore Sanity And / Or Fear hosted by Jon Stewart of the Daily Show over in Washington.

5. Loving this girl’s style from The Sartorialist. It’s all about mahoosive eyebrows.

6. I’m reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X at the moment for book club – completely fascinating. I have to say I only had a vague awareness of who he was and had absolutely no idea he was assassinated by his fellow Black Muslims, so it’s a real history lesson.

7. Last weekend I went on stage with Josie Long and the Craftivist Collective to sew patches for the Bed In project (more to come on that). Because it was nearly Halloween, we wore “the scariest costumes ever” – masks of Mugabe, George Osborne and Rupert Murdoch. Mwahahaha.

hanna ♥