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Super Sunday

2 Oct

1. Super Sunday is back! I have really missed being able to sit and look back over the nice things that I’ve done or come across during the week, it’s like the fun version of a diary. So to begin, we have some pictures I took from my little hols to Paris. I’m quite proud of the one with the guys in tshirts, I really like it.

2. The launch event for the East London Green Jobs Alliance was a real success! Read more about it here. The picture is from some of us at Otesha mucking around and taking a photo for our annual report. Aren’t we cute?

3. What Girls Need – yes yes yes to everything on this list.

4. Mindy Kaling from the American Office is in this month’s Bust magazine and comes across so well, I might have a new girl crush. She’s also written a brilliant piece in The New Yorker on romantic comedies. Perfection.

5. I’m really feeling the girl love at the moment, and just feel so much appreciation and admiration for all the girls in my life. I’m coming over all Spice Girls. I also really want this tote bag! Meant to be available soon from girlgangzine.com.

6. Marilyn Monroe as silent film actress Clara Bow.

7. If you’re a child of the 80s I hope you’ve seen Teen Witch and I hope this truly EXCELLENT clip transports you back to what should rightly be one of the most brilliant moments of your life! I was literally weeping with laughter this afternoon.

hanna  ♥


Super Sunday

12 Dec

1. I don’t know what this means, but I like it. Another print by Mr A Hayes.

2. My friends Jess and Char came down for the day yesterday and we had such a fun time! We had a good trawl through the antiques market – I bought this very freaky owl mask which is quite possibly the best thing ever. Now someone needs to have a woodland themed party, like, now.

3. Brighton Farm Market is, I think, my favourite place to be on a Saturday. Look at the scrummy food! Get the vegan hot chocolate from the Jolly Green Cafe. Divine.

4. We also hit up Terre a Terre while Jess and Char were down, which was the craziest culinary experience I’ve ever had in my life. If you want vegetarian food like you’ve never tasted before, definitely definitely check this out.

5. I’ve been following the anti-cuts protests avidly and was so, so disappointed that the rise in tuition fees got voted through. I’ll definitely be attending the Pay Day protests next weekend. In the meantime, I read about this incredible one woman TopShop protest, that involves chocolate. Sounds good to me.

6. Only just discovered 80s band Martha and the Muffins. Where have they been all my life? Super!

7. I was very proud of my friends Niel Bowerman, Kirsty Schneeberger and Casper ter Kuile for being featured in The Guardian as youth climate leaders. Well done guys!

hanna ♥

Super Sunday

21 Nov

1. Uh, the new Harry Potter film is brilliant. Ignore the reviews, I cried my eyes out (which is a good thing in my book).

2. It was my birthday this week! I am now 27. I really like this idea of making a list of 27 things to do before 28, so blog on that will come soooon.

3. Anna gave me a fantastic-looking book about vintage glamour, feminism and history. As Cheryl Cole would say, that is right up my street (or, that is reet oop mah street).

4. Toast music. Pretty super.

5. I love these illustrations by Evan B Harris. Inspiration for new tattoos…?

6. I saw Four Tet at Coalition in Brighton. I don’t usually go for electronic stuff but this was quite entrancing.

7. I hosted a Green Jobs roundtable on Friday, for those interested in creating green employment opportunities for young people in East London. It went pretty well! More info to come on that next week!

hanna ♥

Super Sunday

31 Oct

1. Robin came to Brighton this weekend which was very nice. We watched Dangerous Minds (she’s a teacher), went to the beach and had milkshakes at the American diner (take that lactose intolerance!)

2. We also used my new griddle pan to make beautiful raspberry pancakes from the cookbook Spooning with Rosie. Nom nom nom.

3. This article by Johann Hari on how protest works is pretty super-spectacular. Great read.

4. Came across this amazing blog – Pictures of Muslims Wearing Things. Muslims wear things. Get over it. (via Casper ter Kuile)

5. Robin went to Sweden this week and took this photo – I liked it.

6. I went to see The Social Network, which was brilliant. Written by Aaron Sorkin, it has a very West Wing feel to it. I read a v. good article by Laurie Penny in The New Statesman about it too (I’m getting very into Laurie Penny..).

7. Discovered Frank Turner and think he’s top notch. Love this song, especially in light of the cuts protests this weekend!

hanna ♥

Marcel the shell with shoes on

25 Aug

Here is a slice of wonderful weirdness for your Wednesday. Ridiculously cute. I want one.

Right now I am sitting in the Forest Cafe in Edinburgh, decompressing from Climate Camp and getting ready to go up to John O’Groats to meet the end of the Otesha cycle tour there. It’s so nice being in Edinburgh – I spent such a brilliant summer here 5 years ago and wandering around the streets brings it all back. The architecture is so beautiful and the atmosphere is amazing – there are two women practising flamenco about 3 feet away from me as I write! The table is shaking!

I didn’t manage a Super Sunday last weekend because of the camp, but will be back on it with Edinburgh highlights this weekend and some reflections on my time at Climate Camp.

hanna ♥