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Super Sunday

11 Mar

1. Love this video by artist Shishi Yamazaki. I’m going to Japan this week for family stuff. It’s not necessarily a happy visit, but I will definitely try and find the time to follow this lady’s example and do some shimmying through the streets of Tokyo.

2. I went out on a brilliant photography expedition yesterday with my friend DC around Abney Park Cemetary. I’ve been meaning to get to grips with my DSLR for ages and get off just shooting on auto, and I think I made some big steps yesterday with DC’s expert help! Looking forward to experimenting more.

3. I dip dyed my hair! How very Caroline Flack of me. I know it’s like, soooo 2011, but hell I wanted to try it and I like it!

4. Discovered these gals recently and love them. They’re playing May 1st in London. I wanna go!

5. General Friday Kahlo inspiration this week. What a cool mama. I want her on my jacket too.

“And don’t worry about losing. If it is right, it happens — The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away.”

6. John Steinbeck wrote a letter to his son in 1958 with advice on falling in love. It’s very good.

7. My friend Anna went to Brazil at the beginning of the year and came back with these wish bracelets for her girlfriends. We had to tie them in three knots around our wrists, making three wishes at the same time. By the time the bracelet falls off our wishes are supposed to have come true. Mine is perilously close to falling off now, and with any luck….

hanna ♥


Bake cupcakes, not kids

11 Apr

I am becoming quite the protest-hopper! And I like it 🙂

Yesterday, my dad and I went to an anti-nuclear demo in Tokyo. It is estimated that between 5,000 – 15,000 attended (personally I wouldn’t have put it above 7,000) but anywhere on that scale is basically unheard of in Japan. There is not a strong tradition of big protest here, so it was super exciting to see the banners and the chants come out. The Japanese clearly win in the cutest banners ever competition.

Music Monday

11 Apr

This is one of my favourite songs at the moment. It’s kind of trippy and fits perfectly with my current dazed, jetlagged state of mind here in Tokyo.

Plus, look how bloody dreamy all the band are. Can I be in the band please?

hanna ♥

Radiation levels explained

15 Mar

Of all the things I have seen, this visual depiction of what dangers different radiation levels pose has really clarified for me what the situation is for both the people battling at the plant, and for my dad in Tokyo. It is currently 400 mSv an hour at the plant.

I also love how cute this is. Got to love the Japanese.

Music Monday

14 Mar

I can think of no better song to share with you today than Wrong Ways, by my friend Amy. She is half Japanese, half American, and we grew up together in Tokyo when I was very small – I don’t think I’ve known anyone longer than her, apart from my parents! We’ve lived on different continents for many years, but somehow, our lives are still connected. Through the twists and turns of fate, we’ve ended up doing very similar work around youth advocacy and social justice. Except she’s waaaay cooler than me, because she also uses music and dance as a tool for her work!

Thankfully, I heard from her today and her family is safe, although shaken. When I listen to this, I feel like she sums up how it feels to live away from your birthland perfectly, especially when something like this is going on.

Super Sunday

2 Jan

1. I booked my mega spring trip this week! I’m going to San Francisco on the IPPR green jobs learning exchange, staying there for 5 day holiday and then on to Tokyo to see my dad and visit my grandparents. I’m really pleased that I have managed to combine the trips and cut out a flight. If anyone has any tips for SF let me know! And here is a beautiful video of Japan that is pretty abstract but really captures it for me.

2. It’s felt really good to do some proper revision this week for my exam. I am all over that North Atlantic Oscillation like a rash.

3. Oooh this is naughty. But I like it 🙂

4. Welcome to the Institute for Beyonce-related Cultural Studies. Brilliant op-ed from Tiger Beatdown.

5. Seeing loads of my family this week has been really fun, going out to dinner with my brother, revising with my sister, watching loads of films and generally hanging out. Yay.

6. My friend Robin told me she’s getting a tattoo when she next comes to visit me in Brighton – and now I’ve written it here she can’t back out! I hope it will be like this amazing tattoo above, but suspect it won’t be.

7. This is a guilty secret, but I love Russell Brand. His Radio 2 show back in the day would have me crying with laughter and I found the archives here!

hanna ♥

Pictures from weheartit.com