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Super Sunday

22 May

1. Well hellooooo. It would be foolish of me to pretend that this has been the superest of days because I have, in fact, spent the entire weekend thus far writing a funding bid for the East London Green Jobs Alliance and researching my dissertation proposal, also on green jobs. But if we’re being grateful and all, I guess I’d have to say that it’s very nice to have the freedom to spend time on an issue I really care about. Care about so much, apparently, that I have dreamt about it for the last three nights! Argh. I have however, been spicing things up by eating directly out of the nutella jar and dancing around my living room in my favourite heels.

2. Loved this style rookie post on Rayanne Graff from My So Called Life. I am on such a 90s kick at the moment.

3. If you look up “super” in the dictionary, you’ll get Ryan Gosling in a blue tuxedo at Cannes. It’s gorgeous. But Do Not Try This At Home. Sadly, you are not Ryan Gosling. I know. I wish you were too.

4. I’ve not been looking at tattoos so much lately, but this knuckle tattoo caught my eye on account of its general brilliance. If I was really drunk, I would get this. Thankfully, I don’t really drink all that much.

5. I am reading my way through Nearly 100 Fantastic Pieces of Journalism. This morning, I listened to Patriot Games by Ben Calhoun on This American Life, “An unsurpassed case study in how idealistic people who enter professional politics wind up compromising their values.”

6. This picture is super.

7. If you are on twitter, follow Yoko Ono. I don’t have to explain, do I?

hanna ♥


The very unethical Ezra Levant

2 Mar

I have to get this off my chest.

I’m currently writing an essay on the tar sands, inspired by a quote from the Canadian environment minister which claims that it is “ethical oil”. It is a pretty extraordinary claim, coined first by Ezra Levant, author of Ethical Oil: The case for Canada’s oilsands. Levant is quite an influential man – a Canadian right-wing “personality” who has worked as a political organiser and aide, writes regular columns and makes appearances on tv and radio. I was unaware of all of this however, when he interrupted a twitter exchange I was having with Ed Gillespie from Futerra:

Now see watch and see what Ezra does…

He only goes and edits my tweet to look like I’m saying the complete opposite of what I meant. I react accordingly…

Rude… and oh, yeah, completely UNETHICAL. Continue reading

Get Yourself Seen

4 Nov

I received my first twitter death threat yesterday. Perhaps it is a sign I am going up in the world? Anyway, this was in response to me tweeting about the Bike Train in Brighton, which is a super cool way for me to get to uni in the mornings. Safe cycling with a group of people on a very busy road, with jazz being played on the speakers! Very civilized. So I was kind of bummed to think someone was so incensed by this sensible approach to safety that they would want to run me over and potentially shoot me. I reported it to twitter and the police though because I am completely overreacting to teach him a lesson. So there.

ANYWAY, in the spirit of safe cycling, here is an AMAZING retro video abut hi-vis vests I found over on the Otesha blog. As the nights draw in, get yourself seen!

hanna ♥

Super Sunday

3 Oct

1. I made another video for The Otesha Project with Josie Long and Sarah Corbett from the Craftivist Collective. Editing it took FOREVER and it didn’t have all the bells and whistles I wanted it to, but I was still pretty pleased with the result.

2. I went to go visit my grandparents this weekend and my grandpa dug up some hilarious photos from when I was little. Here I am rocking out to a boombox (you can tell it was the 80s) looking like a little grumpy old man. I still look exactly the same.

3. I came across this photography project called Switcheroo by Sincerely Hana where she asked couples to switch outfits. Cute cute cute.

4. Loving these old-timey adverts for social media! Found on bumbumbum, lovely art and design blog.

5. London Fashion Week finished a week ago but these are my personal style swoons. The Orla Kiely show didn’t use models but cardboard cut-outs, very pretty. And this Giles Deacon dress… if I was a princess/willing to mire myself in debt… sigh.

6. This comic from Emily’s Blog made me laugh out loud because I too have had this conversation about a gajillion times. It is especially poignant since I am supposed to be making curtains today. I am not.

7. One of the first things I do when I move to a new area is find a Japanese restaurant! E-Kagen on Sydney Street in Brighton is one of the best Japanese restaurants I have ever been to in the UK, no jokes.

hanna ♥